While I'm at it...

I've been sleeping so poorly the last week or so that I might as well use some of my unwanted free time to update my blog. A lot has happened since I went missing from this site. I worked my butt off at a place that, while involved in a very cool project and mission, was not a good work environment for me. Thankfully, out of the blue, I was contacted about a year-old resume that I had submitted at a different place, which brought me to the position where I now find myself.

In the interim, I've lost and gained weight, sanity, confidence, control of my path, free time, and more in varying increments. Only now do I feel like I am finally straightening out my world and moving on to more interesting things. However, have been fortunate enough to have escaped the day-to-day grind in many wonderful ways - from travel, to moving house once again - I intend to write a bit more about that once I've had some sleep. So, hello blog - I missed you; I hope to be around you a bit more often as I get back to living like me again.

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