Yesterday was definitely an interesting cap to the work week. Everything started off with the mayor wandering into my work to use the phone. Apparently a whole clutch of Great Lakes mayors were meeting at the club to discuss various shared problems; Detroit was not in attendance. I actually got to talk to Mr. Daley on his second visit and he said that he remembered my grandmother from the States Attorney's office - it may have just been him being nice, but if it's true that's cool.
I brought in my camera for once, so in the slow evening I took some photos of my library before heading out for the night.

After work I tracked down the CTA Holiday Train, which was running my route home. I know times are tight with the CTA right now, but it's nice that they keep this tradition going - I had a good time, and there were lots of kids with their parents just riding the train around the city, seeing the sights.

Passing out candy - nice!


This guy must have been freezing his ass off.

Till next year, Holiday Train

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