Plot twists

It's hard not to feel like something out there is now jerking our chains. Last night we were scheduled to see three places - the new one in Bridgeport, the one we were about to sign on in Oak Park, and another random joint that looked really nice in OP.

So the Bridgeport place was everything we wanted, sans the yard space, though that was made up for with an awesome deck and balcony. We were on our way out of the neighborhood when we decided to call our realtor to tell him to cancel the other showings, and that we wanted to move on the place. As it turns out, Paul was already on the phone with the listing agent for the Oak Park place that was waiting for our signature - a pipe burst while they were replacing the bathtub - we wouldn't be able to return there until Thursday. Excellent, we now had time to figure things out without having to stall.

Beyond that, the sellers of the Bridgeport place are poised to move and have a place picked out at their destination that won't sell to them on a contingency. Basically, they want to get out as quickly as we want to get in; if everything goes right, we could have this sealed up without that place ever being listed on the MLS.

So here is the hardest part - waiting. Their listing agent, the notorious S from the 3331 debacle, has been working hard to get this done for us - to make it up to us - but doesn't know these sellers well enough to be able to say whether or not they'll get freaked out or become greedy over the fact that they had a good offer before even listing. Hopefully not. We met the wife, and she seemed awesome, but that never means anything.

So, now we wait - with all luck things will fall neatly into place. I feel like I've deserved them to after all the stress and heartbreak this process has caused, but I know I'm not owed anything in the grand scheme of things. All I can ask for is speed for the good or bad news so that I can get to moving on!

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