Crazy Eyes Chronicles

For those of you who know Dan and me, you probably have heard me tell stories about Dan's sleep talking, or as I like to call it, Crazy Eying or Running Manning. Well, I've always wanted to start writing these down, possibly keeping a notebook by the bedside so that I could remember to make fun of him the next day. I think that notebook will be this blog.

So, this morning's entry (or last night's - it was somewhere in between) is dedicated to the rummage.

~2:30 am - wake up to Dan sitting bolt upright in bed, rummaging in the covers.

Me: What are you doing?
Dan: Looking for *mumble*
Me: Looking for what?
Dan: I'm looking for awesome.
Me: You're looking for awesome? It's right here!
Dan: *gives me dirty look, goes back to rummaging*
Dan: I need to find the awesome belt.
Me: OK love - you find it *rolls over and goes back to sleep*

Later that night/morning
Me: *returns from bathroom and jostles Dan while getting back into bed*
Dan: *tenses up and gives me a crazy stare*
Me: *busts out in nervous laughter*
Dan: *joins in, laughing*
We: *laugh together for a bit, at entirely different things I'm sure*
Me: *goes back to sleep*
Dan: *keeps on chuckling to himself*

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