The wee hours

Another late-nighter, but it marks the killing off of my second-to-last-ever grad school assignment. All that's left to do now is my big final project that is due next Friday; I am planning on murdering it over the weekend so that I don't have anything to spoil my enjoyment of the coming week.

In other news, interviewed for a full-time position for the summer at my current work; the competition looks really good, so I will not get my hopes up on this one. If it happens, cool - it'll be great for my resume; if not, that's ok too. They supposedly have a part-time gig for me that is guaranteed, and that will open me up to being able to take on some of the side projects I have planned for the summer in terms of apprenticing and volunteering to get more varied work experience. Regardless of their decision, I should have an answer by the end of the week - here goes nothing.

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