This blog seems to have become the condensed version of daily life for the time being, but I'm slowly trying to get back into the swing. I graduated last weekend, so finally that chapter is over and done with.

Monday I started at a new term position at the place I've been working at since January; it only goes for 10 weeks, but it's management experience, which is cool. I am currently huddled within a protective fort made of stuff I need to sort through.

Dan and I are hopefully putting in an offer on a place in Oak Park today. We love Bridgeport, but it seems like the residents here have put selling on a hold and we are ready to move on. I hope we have better luck this time than we had with our last two attempts at home buying - third time is the charm, maybe? At any rate, we have close second and third choices, so at least this time we have backup plans.


velogrrl said...

congrats on graduating and good luck with your offer!

yeahdog said...

Thanks! Offer got beaten out by someone else, but it's ok.