End of the week has passed and brought no news about the job. Dan helpfully suggested that they may have offered the job to the other candidate and were waiting to hear her response before coming to me. Thanks Dan.

In other news, on Tuesday Dan and I will be looking at homes in the Oak Park neighborhood just west of Chicago. Bridgeport isn't letting us in, and we're getting tired of this game - Oak Park seems to have a lot to offer while still reaping the benefits of being on the CTA and close in to the city. Aside from that, the housing stock in our price range is amazing - sweet vintage places with nice upgrades, beautiful landscaping, lots of outdoor space, and close proximity to a pretty cool downtown business area. So, we're going to go feel out out to see if we'd like to put down roots, or if we want to keep holding out for something here; at this point I could go either way, though I am starting to get bitter about how we've fared in this neighborhood with our two failed attempts at buying. Striking out twice in such a heart-wrenching way almost makes me feel like we somehow don't belong here; I know that's silly but it's hard not to start taking it a bit personal.

This weekend is all about Mom and taking her around for her special day - Saturday is plant show and working again in the garden, while Sunday is the breast cancer run and taking mom to dinner. Show your moms some love!

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