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Finally heard back from my contact at the Smithsonian and got some more information about my upcoming short stay and the potential summer gig. I'm not sure if I mentioned it here, but shortly after getting the news about the offered internship, I realized that I would need to be done by August 6th because I am leaving the country with Dan's family for a trip. Needless to say, I can't really be mad because the potential conflict is something that I want to do.

So Smithsonian guy told me that normally they want their summer interns to be able to work 10 weeks, but that they could make exceptions, and that he advised I get there for my one week to see how I like it before I commit to anything. At this point I'm thinking 'what on God's green earth could possibly happen there in one week that could change a life-long dream of mine?' I think maybe he also wants to see if he thinks I would work out for a summer as well, which seems more reasonable.

The most amusing part of the communication I received today was a semi-casual mention that in order to get clearance to work at the Smithsonian as an official intern, I would need to undergo an FBI background check and get fingerprinted. This wasn't a terrible shock to me, as I'd be employed by the government, but it still kind of made me laugh (and nervous). I've been a bit rowdy in my life, but nothing of major note. I find it kind of funny that I made it to this age without ever having my fingerprints taken (or even being in a cop car). Being a prankster in high school never got me anywhere, but I can't help but wonder how deep the FBI go. Will the local cops talk about the time my friend and I got a warning for starting a mini-bonfire in a local park by some train tracks? Will some teacher from High School dish about how he always thought I was up to no good? Will some embarrassing raver pictures surface of me amidst rumors of rampant drug usage? Surely she must have been high to dress like that!

I know that nothing will come of it, but it's kind of funny to imagine the world of the FBI man sent to look into a recent library science graduate seeking an archives internship; far from the cloak-and-dagger world he imagined he was getting into when he first attempted to get into the Bureau.

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Anonymous said...

"I can't help but wonder how deep the FBI go"

So deep they put that ass to sleep.....