What a difference a week makes.

Day 1: Get picked up and taken to try out a new gym - feeling the need to change the way I've been treating my body. Had a good workout, felt the burn, decided to join the gym. Got ready for new position - find nice clothes, get to sleep relatively early, fight the jitters.

Day 2: get dressed up for my first office-type job, a bit nervous about walking around in a skirt at something other than a wedding, funeral, or family event. Meet new coworkers and hit it off pretty well, though it was impossible not to compare them to all my friends at my old job and the relationships I miss having there. Get through the day - it was slow but not terrible. Went back to the gym for round two.

Day 3: Half day of work - had my outfit planned out the night before. Things went really quickly, so there wasn't time to think about it. Had some nice chats with the lady at the front desk; a grandmotherly type who loves knitting and really appreciated my favorite hat from Peru. Went to the gym again and rocked out some cardio. Ran three miles in about 34 minutes, and had an "ahhhh" moment when I found my stride. Stretched and rocked 12 miles on the bike, watching the snow swirl outside. Got home, ate more soup, and passed out before 11:30 (if you know me, you know how huge that is!).

Day 4: Full day of work - was actually excited to get all dressed up and enjoyed using the nice clothes I never seemed to wear. Finally spent some time in the archives and got things done; had good conversations with my workmate. Went and got issue with my nosering looked at by a piercer and found out things were OK. Came home, ate the soup I made at the beginning of the week, and turned on the TV to find the Hawks game about to start. Told Dan that life was good and meant it for the first time since the end of August.

Tomorrow? Looking to go chill with Audrey and then hit the gym again.

Saturday? Tryouts for a professional, co-ed roller hockey league. Could be cheesy, but if it isn't it could be a lot of fun; I got the invite from some people I skate with, so I thought I had nothing to lose by checking it out. I'm not really a roller hockey player, so if things don't go well I won't take rejection too personally. Also on the docket is signing up for the new gym's biggest loser competition with Audrey - we need to think of a team name; suggestions welcome.

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