Beautiful day

Who could ask for anything more? Headed to work in the bright sunshine, but oddly in the middle of a heavy snowfall - it was like moving about in a snowglobe of my city. The radio was full of meaningful, celebratory music and constant commentary about the goings on in Washington.

When I arrived at work a projection screen was up and running with the feed from CNN. Words really can not describe the sight of the capital flooded with people, waiting breathlessly for things to begin - like waves, shimmering from the heat of the collective excitement. The proceedings were grand and poetic; the music and spoken words inspiring through their simple messages. Obama himself appeared confident and almost stoic, though once or twice a smile crept through - a foil to Biden's constant grin. Everyone was silent, except for murmured agreements with points being made, or the silent-but-joyful weeping of the sweet old lady next to me - she said she never thought she'd live to see this day. I'm very glad she has.

Now it's time to get down to work, both here at The HistoryMakers office on the small scale, and for President Obama on the grand scale - all my best wishes to him and his people for the huge mountain of tasks ahead.

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