Final Countdown

We're now in the dwindling days of the Bush era; tonight was his last prime time address to the nation. To be 100% honest, I had no idea the broadcast was going on until I returned to the locker room at my gym after working out. I had my earphones on, so it took me a bit to notice he was on cnn, up there in the corner on the TV - the thing that tipped me off was how irritated everyone in there looked, and how people were watching me to see my reaction to the screen. I took off my headphones to listen, and continued to change.

What was normally a chatty locker room at a small gym was completely silent except for that usual, awkward voice; I avoided reacting to anything because I didn't feel like getting into anything political when I could already feel the tension in the room. Finally, the speech ended and Bush left the stage. On the TV the commentator mentioned the 'standing ovation as Bush leaves the stage for the last time.'

"Good riddance" says a female voice behind me. To my other side another girl starts to laugh. Immediately the mood lightens as it becomes serious that we're all on the same page. One girl makes a quip about how given the 30-something % approval rating, at least someone in the room had to be a fan. Eyes turn towards the shower stalls - one of which is in use.

"Hey Audrey," I call out, "are you a fan of President Bush?"

"Hell no!" is the immediate answer.

Everyone laughs, makes comments about it all coming to an end, and I head out to wait in the lobby.

Eight years - I can't believe we're finally at the end.

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Audrey said...

I'm going to take the West Loop gathering as a "Adios!" party.