To do

My list of small goals that I would like to achieve, bit by bit, in the near future:

01. Move in and get the house in order
02. Brew a batch of beer
03. Set up worm bins for kitchen waste
04. Read a chapter or two for LibriVox
05. Get some of my photos up on etsy to sell
06. Find out where I can take Polish classes
07. Learn to do metal work/make stained glass objects
08. Get back to training - I want to do this next year
09. Cut out pointless sugar and caffeine
10. Learn to can/pickle things
11. Go shampoo-less
12. Get the sewing machine from Mom and start learning how to use it
13. Learn to crochet
14. Plan out next year's plantings
15. Start henna dying el pelo


Julie said...

wow, reading that just made me tired.

yeahdog said...

Hah at least now I have no time frame, other than eventual death and dismemberment.

Cycling Phun said...

That's it! We HAVE to brew sometime! CHI, CLE, whatever! Good luck with the new dwelling and all!