Hi blog

my relationship with you is like my relationship with my gym of late - I only visit to blow off some steam when stuff gets so heavy I can't deal. So, today was so extra awesome on the 'shoot me in the face and get it over with' scale that I went and ran six miles at the gym; nice to see firsthand how badly I've let my training slide. I managed to finish in about 68minutes and then had to walk for another 10 to stop feeling like I was going to die on the treadmill. To be completely honest, I decided to do the long run at the gym because I knew it would be a tough one and wanted witnesses if I keeled over.

When it was all over, all that I was running from caught up and and I was back to square one. Oh well, at least I got a workout out of it, and I'm not too terribly sore; it was a stamina issue and not a strength issue. Out of body glide, so the chafe issue struck again - tried Vaseline but it didn't really work too well. Better than nothing though, I guess; the wonders of being a running fattie!

Now it's back to laying in bed - massive knot of anxiety eating away and keeping me awake. It'll be great when all of this is over, but there are so many things overlapping that there isn't one neat deadline. Time to do some scheduling and working out what I can eliminate from the stress list first (more like what needs to be eliminated first), so that I can move on and actually deal with the more long-term issues. In the end it's all manageable - nothing life-threatening, so no need to worry - just taxing at the moment. Life has a way of working out eventually, but it would be nice if it didn't work itself into such a knot before starting the process of sorting things out.


Julie said...

a long run on a treadmill? i'd rather stab myself in the thigh.

don't sweat your situation. it'll be over in weeks. just breathe and wait. it'll be ok.

yeahdog said...

It's better than no run at all.