Well, not really. I went to the Dr. today to see about some chest pains and shortness of breath I'd been having for some time, and I found out that it's possible my athsma has come back. So, for the next month I get to test drive a sexy new purple and lavender inhaler twice a day to see if I can manage to not be sucking wind like a chump every time I have to bike up a particularly steep incline, walk up a couple flights of stairs, or have a particularly intense shift in one of my hockey games. Needless to say, I'm not pleased to be dealing with this again after having thought I had conquered it when I was a teen, but I guess it's a shade better than thinking I was either having a heart attack or was horribly out of shape. With any luck, getting this problem taken care of will help me improve both my cycling and my hockey game. I'll no more as the next month passes. In other 'I'm getting old' news, I go to get tested for glasses at the end of the month. If someone pays me enough, I swear I'll get sports goggles made and wear them every game!


Cycling Phun said...

Werd, they have you on the Xopenex? I had issues with exercise induced asthma, and the Dr has me using Xopenex "as needed" to combat the symptoms, which occur with strenuous activity (in my case cycling) and especially in cold weather. Apparently the cold air causes lung spasms?! I have to admit though, I still feel like they get money for drugs from the drug companies. They keep trying to push all kinds of pills, eye drops and inhalers for my allergies. It seems to be working really well.

yeahdog said...

I'm not sure exactly what it is, I need to check on that. The every day inhaler is some kind of steroid, while the rescue one is something like ventalin. Funny enough, I have an easier time exerting myself in cold air due to having grown up playing ice hockey, than I have in hot air. This is just something that's gotten progressively worse in the last couple months, perhaps due to something in my new job bugging some long-forgotten allergies or something.