Greetings from Lima

We arrived at our hostel last night around 1030pm. Its a really nice spot in central Lima, with multiple rooms, a terrace and restraunt on the roof where they have large tortoises roaming around the floors eating crumbs, and an internet cafe on the ground floor. We had a nice, cheap meal of fried fish, potatoes, and white rice, washed down with some beers called Cristal at a local bodega-like place. We only went there to buy some waters, but they heard us talking about food, asked what we wanted, sat us down, and fed us. Pretty awesome. Claudia is speaking to me in Spanish only, so I am slowly but surely remembering things Ive forgotten.
Today we walked around the city to get our barings, and see what was in our area. We hit up el barrio chino first for some Peruvian Chinese food for lunch, and just to see the sites. From there there we went to the cathedral and monestary of San Fransisco, where they had an absolutely amazing old library of manuscripts dating back to the 14th century; sadly, no photography was allowed on the tour, so I have no pictures of the place. We also were shown around the catacombs under the cathedral, and througout the monestary. Our guide was very nice, and spoke English fairly well. After that, we walked around a nearby park called el parque de murales, where they had all kinds of neat things for children, and an outdoor bandstand with a running track around; much better than having an ipod on for your jog!

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