Two more days until we leave. I'm a bit irritated at my Dr. because he gave me my Typhoid pills Friday (he said to pick them up then), and the directions clearly state that they need to be taken entirely at least a week before potential exposure. Ah well, I guess I will be eating all that is burnt to a crisp for the first week or so of the trip.
Other than that, I'm getting pretty excited. Tonight I packed a bit, so a lot of that is out of the way. I have some loose ends here that I need to tie up in terms of canceling phone service, the gym membership, etc.. All that shouldn't take too long. I still need to figure out how I am going to carry my camera equipment; using a camera bag just seems like I'm asking to be robbed, but just cramming expensive equipment in a random shoulder bag without any padding seems a bit careless. I'll see if I can get any opinions from experienced travelers that lug along gear.

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