Helplessly addicted

The post-grad-school chasm that was left after my final semester concluded has slowly started filling in - with an unhealthy addiction to low, cheap fiction. Currently the most anticipated event in my near future is the arrival of the next three volumes of the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Mysteries series (HBO's True Blood series is based on these - it's my other shameless fix). With titles like Dead Until Dark, Dead as a Doornail, Definitely Dead, and Dead and Gone, how could you resist? You know what you're getting into, and you like it.

I just caught myself daydreaming about getting home and checking my mailbox for the familiar cheap yellow padded mailers used by other amazon junkies like myself. Maybe I'll have time before my 11pm game, I plot. It feels like of like being in love with someone you're kind of embarrassed of introducing to your friends; you love the time you've spent with them, but you just know some of your people will wind up giving you shit about it. Sookie has been keeping me up until 2am on weeknights, head under the covers with a book lamp so not to bother Dan - he teases me a bit, but understands. Dan has been carrying out an unhealthy relationship with World at War for the last few months, so I guess he is in no position to judge anyway.

I guess my brain is on vacation for the time being, and it has sought out vampires as a means of escape (I plowed through the Twilight series during finals week). Not sure what this means I'll move on to next; perhaps I'll move on to other deeper, darker areas of sci-fi, but I kind of doubt it. The vampire novel really does encapsulate all the guilty pleasures one could ask for in garbage reading: mystery, excitement, romance, corny humor, semi-predictable plot twists, pseudo-history, and more.

Thankfully I'm three books in and barely half way through the series; these should take me through my upcoming trips. I laugh to even type that, knowing that my level of anticipation is greater related to waiting for my books than it is for heading to the airport in less than a week and a half to head to Europe - I guess it helps me to focus on short-term events than to get all worked up waiting for the major things to finally arrive!

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