It's that time of year again - really the start of the countdown to the new year and new beginnings - when people start taking stock of what they're thankful for (and often times, as a result, what they're lacking).

This year seems to have become more about what I've been going without than what I actually have, so tonight I'd like to focus on how good I really do have it.

Losing my job was perhaps the biggest blow I've received in my relatively-short adult life; to me it marked the end of an era - a position in life - that I had worked for almost a decade to achieve. In this time, my friends and family, and even acquaintances, have really stepped it up to show me how much they value me and want to see me succeed. Immediately after I left the museum for the last time, I was getting emails forwarding me job descriptions, sent from friends, coworkers, family, and even friends of friends and family; it was completely awesome to see that so many people had my back.

When I decided to take on a full course load of classes rather than getting a part time job immediately, Dan was 100% supportive of my move and told me he was happy to shoulder the burden while I took care of what I had to. Throughout it all, he has been constantly patient and understanding about the mayhem going on here. My parents have also been great sources of advice, and my mother-in-law a nice confidant to vent to from time to time.

At this time I am also thankful for my own health and drive; I have been under a ton of stress, and have been amazed at my ability to keep it together. Being able to go out a night or two a week to play hockey has been an absolutely invaluable luxury and stress release; I'm thankful for my dad who loves hockey so much that he helps cover the costs so that he has an endless supply of hockey to watch.

Finally, though it may sound silly - I am thankful for my kitty, Hunter S.. Now that I'm a complete shut-in, we've become great pals. Thanks, kitty, for snuggling up to my head once Dan leaves in the morning to keep me warm. Thanks for following me around wherever I go, curling up, and keeping me company. Thanks for providing ample laughs; at a time when real human contact is rare, it's nice to have a kitty like you with a lot of personality to make me feel like I'm not a total hermit.

So, for those of you reading, I hope you all have people, pets, and other things in your life making the bad times as good as they can be.


Cycling Phun said...

Hey there! It's nice to see when people can find the treasures in the pains. The silver lining to the cloud. You know, all those good analogies! I've learned, far too often, that there is always someone who has things far worse, and (likewise) some who have it far better. Bottom line is if you put it all on the table, generally "your problems" seem far better than the rest. Way to keep the positive attitude!

Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for having so many awesome people reading my blog and, likewise, having soo many cool blogs to read!

yeahdog said...

Absolutely! I too am thankful for my little circle of blog friends :)

Julie said...

seems like you made lemonade out of them there lemons you were dealt- a hard thing to do, for sure. congrats on plowing through the rest of school, and i hope I see more of you soon!

yeahdog said...

I can't wait to get out of my cave! Girls' night out is in order soon