Photoblog - how I spent my summer.

There's not much to write lately, so I may as well share some of my images from the summer with you all. Sorry for my inactivity of late; I've been away from my laptop a lot. I do solemnly swear to try harder as the seasons change and we head into fall.

And now, my summer (click on any pic to see a larger size img):


Ambone said...

I like the bloody running shoe. What happened? Half marathon gore? Looks like you are enjoying your summer!

yeahdog said...

Actually nothing nearly that cool! It was the very beginning of my adventures in running, and I ran a casual 5k before I'd heard of BodyGlide. We got caught in torrential rain, my socks slipped down, and my newish shoes tore up the back of my heels. Needless to say I bought body BodyGlide and those socks with the non-slouch lips/tabs on the heels later that week and never looked back :)