Question for any botanists/plant collectors out there...

When I was in Malta for our honeymoon last September, I photographed a really neat succulent plant. Because the climate is so dry in Malta, the inhabitants get their gardening fix by cultivating container gardens that they keep on the walks in front of their homes, or in small, fenced in courtyards. I would really like to find out exactly what the plant is so that I can get one of my own (I have become a bit of a container gardening hobbiest myself because I live in a condo with a balcony and no yard).
I have managed to narrow down the plant to the genus Aeonium by looking at some of the books and serials in the Botany library at work, but I am not sure where to go from there. So, if there is anyone browsing this blog who might know something, or knows someone else who can help, let me know!

Here are the photos that I took (click on them to enlarge and reduce pixilation):

And here are some pictures of possible matches that were taken from sites online:

Aeonium arboreum

Taken from Plant Safari. The stalks look right, but the rosettes don't seem to be tight/compact enough.

No name

Taken from this page. The stems look right and the rosettes have the right kind of shape but the color and size appear to be different.


Anonymous said...

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yeahdog said...

Thanks! I was a little late in seeing this, but I will check those out.